Great Bay Masters after the 1 Mile Great Bay Rough Water Swim: 

First Row – Julia Malloy, Jennifer Griffin, Carol Prescott (cap), Kim Wesson, Gail Pentheny, Kerin Ellisens, Connie Hallett; Second Row – Kathleen Leavitt (sunglasses), Keith Pratt, Mike McNeilly, Ed Gendreau, Kendra Garrow, Nancy Virnelli, Rich Orkin; missing from photo – Rick Clauson


Fifteen Great Bay Masters swam the 1 mile Great Bay Rough Water Swim on Saturday July 28, 2001. The race could be more appropriately named the Great Bay Tranquil Water Swim, since the water was virtually a sheet of glass (as photo shows). 


The race was well organized.   Visibility was tough with the low morning sun, but after the first buoy a kayak lead the way around the triangular course.  The water was a comfortable temperature, probably pretty close to the 78F predicted in the race literature. 


The water was teaming with life, plant and fish.  The water at shore was a bit brown with a variety of minnows darting about.  Race organizers warned us that “the stripers were running”, but no human / fish collisions were reported. 


Swimmers received a nice T-shirt, and the top three men and women overall received a 2.75” diameter engraved medal.  Great Bay Masters swept the women’s honors:  Connie Hallett 1st, Kim Wesson 2nd, and Carol Prescott 3rd, and Ed Gendreau placed first among the men.