Great Bay Masters Swimming 2004 Colonies Zone Short Course Meters Championship
December 4 to 5, 2004: Wheaton College, Norton MA

Zone Meet Information and Results
The Zone 800 free was canceled and reinstated as a separate meet, see below for entry form.
     ·  Information sheet, PDF
     ·  Entry form, PDF
     · Results, subtracted splits, PDF (updated Dec 17 04)
     · Results, cumulative splits, PDF (updated Dec 17 04)
     · High Point, Women, PDF (updated Dec 07 04)
     · High Point, Men, PDF (updated Dec 07 04)
     · NEM Workout Groups and Non-NEM USMS Clubs, PDF (updated Dec 07 04)
     · Zone USMS Clubs, HTML (updated Dec 07 04)
     · USMS (5) and Fina (3) Records
     · Colonies Zone Records: 82 Individual and 16 Relay
     · NELMSC Records set at Colonies Zone Meet: 42 Individual and 7 Relay

New England 800 SCMeter Free Championship at Wheaton 12/3/04
This event not part of the Zone meet.
     ·  Entry form and information
     · Results, Cumulative Splits, PDF (updated Dec 07 04)
     · Results, Subtracted Splits, PDF (updated Dec 07 04)
     · NEM Workout Groups and Non-NEM USMS Clubs, PDF (updated Dec 07 04)

Design Number 1 is the victor.
Design #1, PDF

Special Meet Features
     · EQUIPMENT VENDOR: Cabana Swimwear, vendor at NE SCY Championship the past four years
     · WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS: Bring your laptop with wireless card to access "live results" at; or surf the web for fun; or even get some work done between races.
Live results will remain posted until approximately 1/1/05.
     · TIVO REPLAY: TIVO replay of races planned, watch yourself race on TV
     · MASSAGE: Seacoast Massage Therapy returns; 7th consecutive year at SCM championship
     · CONCESSIONS: Wheaton College Synchronized Swim Team to run concession stand

     · Mike Ross sets world record at 11/07/04 Great Bay meet
     · NELMSC 25-meter tabulations have been updated, and new features added including:
All time top 50 individual performances, NELMSC individual and relay record progression,
and databases searchable by name: NELMSC SCM Tabulations

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