Mashpee 1 and 3.1 Mile Superswims - June 25, 2005

This year the swimmers who drove down Friday afternoon and evening unfortunately started the weekend sitting in terrible traffic! We lost one swimmer, Brandy Brown, after her car died on the way. The mishaps continued when Carol Prescott locked her keys in the car at the campground with toddler in tow. The friendly campground owners came to the rescue and everything turned out fine. Group dinner plans for Dino's did not pan out due to the traffic, but a few people managed to make it to the amusement park to enjoy laser tag, go-carts, miniature golf and video games. It also turned out to be a beautiful night for camping, with no rain for a change!

The campers were up early and were joined by several others who drove down in the morning. Great Bay was represented by 15 swimmers between the 1-mile and 3.1 mile races. Despite the forecast for record high temperatures, it was fairly cool and windy in the morning. Although the water was cooler than usual and quite choppy, in general the attitude was positive and the swimmers enjoyed the challenge. After the post-race snacks and awards, a few swimmers headed to the ocean beach to relax before heading home. We had a great time and hope even more swimmers from our group will join us next year!

Congratulations to all of our participants!

1-mile participants:
Jim Bouldoukian
Heidi Duehmig
Rich Orkin
Gail Pentheny
Mary Susan Smith

3.1 mile participants:
Kym Berman
Matt Craig
Ed Gendreau
Mike McAfee
Dave Monsees
Lisa Pappas
Carol Prescott
Jana Slezak
Steve Smith
Nancy Tunstall