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Ed drafts
(is later dropped!)

former GBM Kendra
(swimmer on left)

former GBM Nancy
takes a look

2008 Mashpee Super Swim
Mashpee Massachusetts

Mashpee. Ahhhhh, Mashpee. What more can we ask from an open water swim? Scenic setting on Cape Cod, clean and clear fresh water, sandy beach, comfortable water temperature. The race is worth the trip, and then some. This year there was almost no wind and the water was placid. There are three distances offered at the Super Swim: half mile, mile, and 3.1 miles. Something for everyone. All ages are invited to race - bring the family.

The cicadas were out in large numbers. Cicadas emerge only every 17th year, making this a special occassion. They make a peculiar, almost eerie sound, filling the air with something suitable for background noise in a science fiction movie. They seem to like to land on people but they don't bite and are harmless. Have to feel sorry for them when you're driving down the road and they are bouncing off your windshield. We look forward to seeing them again at the Mashpee swim in 2025.

A small group of GBM's attended this year's swim - Carol, Jana, Ed, Jim, Erik - and two former GBM's Kendra and Nancy. Put this event on your calendar for 2009. Swim events are a great motivator to get to swim practice and stay in shape. And they are a lot of fun.

After the race a few of us went to nearby South Cape Beach. This is a beautiful beach with warm ocean water, and for some reason its never crowded. A great place to enjoy the ocean and get some rest after the race.

Great Bay Masters welcomes new members. We have a lot to offer - swim with us!

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