Great Bay Masters swim NELMSC 50-Meter Championship -
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JoAnn back start

Paul & Julia outside

Julia fly (long way!)

after meet

Great Bay Masters at NELMSC 50-Meter Championship
Middlebury Vermont

In the beautiful setting of Middlebury, VT a small contingent of Great Bay Masters members joined the other 190 or so swimmers from around the region for the Middlebury Muffintops Long Course Meters Meet over the weekend of June 21-22. Even though most of us haven't swum in a long course pool for at least a year (and for some of us 6 years!), the event was so well run and the people involved so fun and welcoming that the swimming almost (almost) was secondary.

At first glance, the pool (which is gorgeous by the way) didn't seem THAT long. But the first 50 of warmup proved that looks can be deceiving. Where IS that wall?? Swimming long course is interesting technically since there aren't as many turns, which for some of us, turned out to be a blessing (somehow a 200 is easier to pace when there are only 4 lengths to consider).

While none of us set any New England, National or World Records, there were many set over the course of the weekend, and the times that Great Bay members put up on the board were more than respectable. Some were downright surprising!! And for those of you who are used to placing lower in your age group because of so many entrants, we highly recommend this meet where each age group only has a handful of folks to compete against.

With this meet growing each year, it's something to put on your 2009 calendar - maybe make it into a mini-vacation: Vermont is beautiful country!!

Great Bay Masters Individual Team Records set at Middlebury:

     EVENT         NAME                   TIME     AGE     GROUP
     100 Free      Carol Prescott       1:14.88     39     35-39
     100 Back      Joann Fryer          1:31.30     39     35-39
     200 Back      Joann Fryer          3:21.43     39     35-39
     200 Fly       Carol Prescott       3:12.27     39     35-39
     100 Free      Julia Malloy         1:15.83     48     45-49
     100 Breast    Julia Malloy         1:36.56     48     45-49
     200 Breast    Julia Malloy         3:32.31     48     45-49
     50 Fly        Julia Malloy           36.54     48     45-49
     100 Fly       Julia Malloy         1:29.73     48     45-49
     200 Fly       Deborah Edin         4:24.42     46     45-49
     200 IM        Julia Malloy         3:12.89     48     45-49
     400 IM        Deborah Edin         8:31.82     46     45-49
     400 IM        Aagje Caron          8:41.29     67     65-69
     100 Breast    Paul Griffin         1:26.80     48     45-49
     200 Breast    Paul Griffin         3:14.80     48     45-49
     200 IM        Phil Read            4:24.74     66     65-69

Team results: 

GBM finished 4th of 23 teams in the USMS club division, with 198

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