GBM at 25-Meter Championship, Boston University, December 9 to 11
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Darwin, Tara, Darren, Brett, Ryan

Thirty six GBM swimmers made the annual pilgrimage to BU's wonderful swimming Mecca for the NE short course meters championships from December 9 to 11. The meet delivered on its promises of FUN and FAST times, and GBM battled to the last relay to retain the club championship. Alas, with a somewhat injury, illness and MDS depleted team, were unable to overhaul our traditional rivals the Maine Blue Lobstahs and had to settle for second with 2,913 points to Maine's 3,180. This however did nothing to dampen post-meet celebrations at Fuddruckers.

We were very pleased to welcome a number of GBM members on deck for their first masters championship meet with us – Kate Belavitch, Bob Seraiva, Brett Games and Jennie Marshall. It was also great to see Gail P back in action at her first SCM championship meet since 2006.

There were many notable performances from the team. 'Super Splashers' on the team were Atie, Kasia, Ryan, Deb E, Diane, Tara, Jennie, Bart and Darwin, swimming ten or more events over the course of the weekend. Ryan was our top team point scorer with a gigantic 130 points, including a storming 50 back and a stylish 400IM. Deb Edin, as she has so often before in the championship meets, showed her mettle by swimming a tough program which included the 400IM and 200 fly as well as 3 other 200s. Atie was a meet and LMSC record breaker and our female high point with 119 points.

Team den mother Jana and Todd lead our pack of one-day wonders swimming 5 individual events plus relays in their day on deck. Matt D, Bob M, Sarah, Tony and Kirk also weighed in with big one day programs and fast swims.

GBM spiritual leader *I'm out of shape* Ed made a welcome return to the race pool as he eased himself back into competition swimming the relays, capped by a blazing fast 100 breaststroke to lead the 200+ 400 medley relay team to a new LMSC record. Paul G was also back in action with a challenging program that began with the 800m on Friday, and he even seemed to swim some of his events in two different age groups – or was that his mysterious doppelganger?

The universally acclaimed GBM swim of the meet was one of Dick's many top-of-podium performances. He swam his outstanding 100 backstroke in his new Fastfeet4 swimming sandals (which look very like Tevas). Dick can be seen modeling this breakthrough performance equipment on the GBM Facebook page.

Rounding out the GBM roster were team stalwarts Amy, Brett Z, Guy, Jacqui, John, Jim, Pete, Tom M and, of course, Coach Crystie, together with clan Layman/Johnson – Karol, Garry, Katie, Darren and Annika - as Karol delivered in style on her 'pinky promise' to Darwin.

Great WORK team GBM!

Results from the meet can be found here. Many thanks to consummate professionals Joan Rajfer and her BU meet management team and Bob Fredette and the Officials crew for a VERY WELL MANAGED meet.

Next meet at Philips Exeter Academy on Sunday morning February 5th - now being run by GBM. This is a very nice early season SCY tune-up meet at a high quality aquatics facility in the seacoast area. It is a morning meet which we plan to follow with a pre-Superbowl lunch at Margarita’s. Don't miss it! ENTRY FORM HERE.

EVENT         NAME                   TIME     GROUP
100 Free      Crystie McGrail      1:08.83     25-29
800 Free      Crystie McGrail     11:08.26     25-29
200 Free      Tara Mack            2:30.30     35-39
400 Free      Sarah Baker          5:08.99     35-39
800 Free      Sarah Baker         10:55.10     35-39
100 Breast    Tara Mack            1:32.97     35-39
200 Breast    Tara Mack            3:13.78     35-39
100 Free      Kate Belavitch       1:14.99     45-49
50 Free       Amy Waters             33.17     50-54
100 Free      Jennie Marshall      1:17.86     50-54
200 Free      Jennie Marshall      2:52.11     50-54
400 Free      Jennie Marshall      6:13.95     50-54
50 Breast     Amy Waters             43.89     50-54
100 Fly       Jennie Marshall      1:31.72     50-54
100 IM        Amy Waters           1:27.86     50-54
200 IM        Jennie Marshall      3:24.52     50-54
100 Free      Aagje Caron          1:35.03     70-74
400 Free      Aagje Caron          7:11.54     70-74
100 Breast    Aagje Caron          1:59.29**   70-74
200 Breast    Aagje Caron          4:09.54**   70-74
100 Fly       Aagje Caron          2:06.42     70-74
400 IM        Aagje Caron          8:20.86     70-74
400 Free      A Ten Haagen         4:38.91     25-29
200 Back      Ryan Drasher         2:19.03     25-29
50 Breast     A Ten Haagen           34.23     25-29
200 Breast    A Ten Haagen         2:40.95     25-29
200 IM        Ryan Drasher         2:23.73     25-29
400 IM        Ryan Drasher         5:15.29     25-29
200 Back      Todd Springer        2:25.58     35-39
200 Breast    Todd Springer        2:43.99     35-39
100 IM        Todd Springer        1:04.59     35-39
400 Free      Tom Mack             5:14.33     50-54
200 Breast    Paul Griffin         3:04.97     50-54
100 Breast    Robert Mair          1:34.14     60-64
50 Free       John Lewis             35.49     65-69
100 Free      John Lewis           1:19.39     65-69
50 Breast     John Lewis             41.95     65-69
100 Breast    John Lewis           1:36.36     65-69
100 IM        John Lewis           1:35.50     65-69
100 Back      Richard Arnold       2:58.75     75-79
200 IM        Richard Arnold       5:07.97     75-79
100 Back (R)  Guy Davis            1:10.79     50-54


Men      200 Medley      100-119      2:07.50  
James Webber, 34    Anthony Ten Haagen, 29
Robert Seraiva, 25    Darren Johnson, 30

Men      200 Free      200-239      1:53.28 
Tom Mack, 53    Edmund Gendreau, 49
Guy Davis, 52    Darwin White, 47

Men      200 Medley      200-239      2:09.27 
Guy Davis, 52    Edmund Gendreau, 49
Darwin White, 47    Tom Mack, 53

Men      400 Medley      200-239      4:47.25**
Guy Davis, 52    Edmund Gendreau, 49
Darwin White, 47    Tom Mack, 53

Mixed      200 Free      160-199      1:53.59
Matt Denneen, 40    Sarah Baker, 37
Tara Mack, 39    Brett Zola, 44

Mixed      200 Medley      160-199      2:26.96
Brett Games, 45    Paul Griffin, 51
Jennie Marshall, 51    Tara Mack, 39

Mixed      400 Medley      160-199      4:57.88
Sarah Baker, 37    Brett Zola, 44
Matt Denneen, 40    Tara Mack, 39

Mixed      200 Medley      280-319      4:05.75 
Garry Layman, 68    Aagje Caron, 70
Richard Arnold, 79    Karol Layman, 67 

**  Also a New England record!  

We would also like to recognize the following GBM records 
set at the Portsmouth meet, November 5, 2011: 

EVENT         NAME                   TIME     GROUP
50 Back       Patty Rupp Hodge       38.39     45-49
200 Fly       Patty Rupp Hodge     3:18.85     45-49
50 Back       Amy Waters             44.52     50-54
100 Back      Todd Springer        1:06.45     35-39

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Guy, Sarah

Darwin, Pete

Jana, Jenny

Sarah, Guy, Matt, Crystie

Tara, Jana

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Tara, Bob, Jana

Ed, Jana

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Darren, Brett

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