Great Bay Masters at 25-Meter Championship, Boston University, December 2012

BU Meet Report

As hosts of the BU meet we want to express our thanks to everyone who swam in and supported the meet, including those who traveled some distance from around the US, from Canada, and in one case from Russia to participate. We also wanted to thank our tireless team of meet officials. Last, but not least, our thanks and compliments on behalf of all the participants and the New England LMSC to Joan Rajfer and the BU meet management team for their excellent meet management. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Great Bay Masters Team Report

One of our swimmers was talking at the BU meet with a friend who swims with one of the Boston teams.
'So you're with Great Bay Masters ... is your team based in Boston?'
'No, we're based in seacoast New Hampshire.'
'That figures, you guys are way too FRIENDLY and FUN to be a Boston team!'
With apologies to our friends in Boston, this little story perfectly sums up the GBM vibe at the BU meet. We are friendly, we did have fun, and we also swam FAST!

Thanks to the indefatigable efforts of our Motivation Man and team President Darwin, GBM assembled a solid team of 41 swimmers to travel South for the annual Duel in the Pool with our friendly rivals from Maine/Winterfell, the Blue Lobstahs. Despite a valiant effort by a Maine Masters team reduced by obligations at the Bowdoin meet (or on the Night Watch defending the northern Wall from the wildings), GBM wrested back the club trophy after a spirited weekend of swimming competition. Team GBM included battle tested vets as well as first time meet swimmers, who all contributed to our impressive points total of 3,303. As usual the heart of the team's strong performance was in the Relays, where we notched up a stupendous 11 First, 6 Second, and 8 Third place finishes.

The meet attracted almost 500 entrants, including an impressive roster of elite masters swimmers who took down 6 world and 14 national masters records. There were many highlights for team GBM. The biggest splash was made by team stalwart Dick, who marked his 'ageing up' meet by beating the old New England record in the 200IM and with a team best haul of 147 individual points, 6th highest among men at the meet. Congratulations Dick on your great swimming!

The weekend started with an impressive turnout of 9 GBM swimmers for the 800 on Friday night. A similarly impressive 9 swimmers also competed on the 400IM later in the weekend, and a further 2 swims in the 200Fly to round out the 'tough trio'. Brett G, Crystie, Steve M and Steve P doubled up on the 800 and 400IM. Keep hanging tough guys and gals! There were many great swims, including huge time drops for Kasia - 25 secs on her 400IM! - a number of near bests for Gail P and a bold 100 Fly by Pat C. King sandbagger prize goes to Jerry, whose fine 100 Back was 9 seconds faster than his seed time.

GBM was pleased to welcome new members, and to welcome back a number who have not swum in a meet for a while, including David L - who flew up from Florida to swim with us - Buzz, Cristophe, Elizabeth, Manya and Rachel C. JenZ, Julia and Steve K responded to the last push recruiting effort to make big contributions to team victory.

Our swimming seniors continue to lead the team from the front. The 240+ relays contributed 4 wins and Aagje(102), Phil(117) and were also high point centurions. Other high point centurions were team hero Crystie(119), Bart (104.5), Guy (108), Steve M(102). Kirk and Jerry were also just narrowly below 100 points and both participated in 4 winning relays.

Thanks everyone for joining us on deck - next time bring friends!

New President

Darwin has been an energetic and enthusiastic leader for Team GBM for a number of years, bringing his generous spirit, big personality and a large dose of fun to our team. Please join us in thanking Darwin for his wonderful contributions to our team. Darwin will be standing down from the Presidency at the end of the year, though we are pleased that he will remain on the Board as VP, continuing his distinctive recruitment and team motivational program. Guy has been elected by the Board to succeed Darwin in the new year.

Our team hero Coach Crystie has been the key figure in team GBM for some time now. Her quiet but forceful presence on deck has challenged us all to work that little bit harder, and her exceptional prowess in the pool inspires us to improve our own swimming skills. Her efforts have been central to the continuing success of the BU meet and our other club events throughout the year. She has also fostered a growing social vibe among the team that continues to build the community of our club.


Finally, we should never overlook that we are fortunate to have many members who support the club through their work on the Board or volunteering at club events or supporting the club in other ways. We would like to thank all of them for their contributions and particularly Dick Arnold (our club Secretary) and Phil Read (Treasurer) for their many years of service to the club.


Full Meet Results Here

GBM Recrods set at 2012 BU Meet

        EVENT         NAME                TIME      AGE    GROUP
     100 Free      Crystie McGrail      1:07.46     28     25-29
     800 Free      Crystie McGrail     11:02.82     28     25-29
     50 Free       Nicole Benson          29.03     38     35-39
     400 Free      Nicole Benson        5:03.76     38     35-39
     200 Back      Nicole Benson        2:40.70     38     35-39
     200 Breast    Sarah Baker          3:09.40     38     35-39
     100 Fly       Nicole Benson        1:15.04     38     35-39
     800 Free      Tara Mack           10:51.38     40     40-44
     100 Free      Gail Pentheny        1:15.34     50     50-54
     200 Free      Gail Pentheny        2:48.16     50     50-54
     400 Free      Julia Malloy         5:55.31     52     50-54
     800 Free      Gail Pentheny       12:24.79     50     50-54
     200 Breast    Julia Malloy         3:28.58     52     50-54
     200 Free      Aagje Caron          3:30.05     71     70-74
     800 Free      Steve Parsons       12:27.88     32     30-34
     800 Free      Kirk Larsen          9:58.34     35     35-39
     50 Back       Kirk Larsen            28.84     35     35-39
     50 Breast     Kirk Larsen            32.90     35     35-39
     400 Free      Matt Denneen         4:47.75     41     40-44
     50 Back       Jerry Bailey           29.21     43     40-44
     100 Back      Jerry Bailey         1:03.89     43     40-44
     200 Back      Jerry Bailey         2:24.51     43     40-44
     100 IM        Jerry Bailey         1:04.29     43     40-44
     200 IM        Jerry Bailey         2:20.64     43     40-44
     100 Back      Guy Davis            1:10.73     53     50-54
     200 Back      Guy Davis            2:36.76     53     50-54
     200 Breast    Edmund Gendreau      2:52.89     50     50-54
     400 Free      Steve Miller         5:27.23     58     55-59
     800 Free      Steve Miller        11:16.73     58     55-59
     100 Back      Jack Ceckler         1:31.48     56     55-59
     200 Fly       Jack Ceckler         3:24.09     56     55-59
     400 IM        Steve Miller         6:51.94     58     55-59
     200 Back      Steve Kowal          3:14.26     63     60-64
     50 Free       Richard Arnold         50.52     80     80-84
     200 Free      Richard Arnold       4:22.10     80     80-84
     50 Back       Richard Arnold       1:17.50     80     80-84
     100 Back      Richard Arnold       2:42.80     80     80-84
     50 Breast     Richard Arnold       1:14.67     80     80-84
     100 Breast    Richard Arnold       2:40.58     80     80-84
     50 Fly        Richard Arnold       1:11.61     80     80-84
     100 IM        Richard Arnold       2:21.66     80     80-84
     200 IM        Richard Arnold       5:12.00     80     80-84**
     50 Back       Steve Kowal            40.50     63     60-64***

**  Also a New England record! 
*** Relay lead-off swim


Women      200 Medley      120-159      2:21.51      2012
Nicole Benson, 38    Sarah Baker, 38
Crystie McGrail, 28    Tara Mack, 40

Women      400 Free      120-159      4:28.13      2012
Sarah Baker, 38    Tara Mack, 40
Crystie McGrail, 28    Nicole Benson, 38

Men      400 Free      160-199      3:57.12      2012
Kirk Larsen, 35    Todd Springer, 40
Brett Games, 46    Jerry Bailey, 43

Men      400 Free      200-239      4:15.89      2012
Edmund Gendreau, 50    M Busby, 52
Darwin White, 48    Guy Davis, 53

Men      200 Medley      240-279      2:38.81      2012
Steve Kowal, 63    John Lewis, 66
Robert Mair, 62    Steve Miller, 58

Men      400 Free      240-279      5:08.36      2012
Steve Kowal, 63    Steve Miller, 58
John Lewis, 66    Robert Mair, 62 

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