10th Annual BU Meet Hosted by GBM

It was a snowy weekend for the New England LMSC Short Course Meters Championship meet. 2013 marked the tenth year Great Bay has hosted this meet. The team scoring was adjusted this year so that NEM workout groups and USMS clubs competed together in divisions based on size. Great Bay turned in an impressive 2nd place finish! Along with many personal bests, lots of GBM records were set (below). A special thank you goes out to Crystie for her tireless efforts to make this meet a continuing success. Great thanks also to Bart & Jacqui for organizing the concessions this year keeping everyone fueled and happy.

A 2nd place finish (Cambridge took 1st) at this meet is necessarily a team effort. Though we had 45 swimmers enter, only 34 made it through the weather to swim. Even still, together this group of hearty swimmers scored a total of 2,837 points and 562 of these points were from relays alone! The team swam a total of 20 relays which means each relay averaged 28 points each! Huge!

Individual efforts were just as special. Jane F. posted personal bests in every event swum. And the endurance award goes to Dick A. who, at 81 years young, swam the 800 free! Dick was also the overall individual GBM high scorer with 151 points! Anyone present at the meet will attest to the shear mental toughness Dick displayed by, only a few weeks back from a shoulder injury, swam a full individual program plus each and every relay right up to the last race on Sunday. You're a powerful example to us all, Dick! We're lucky to have you to show us how it's done.

100 plus individual points club:
-Dick Arnold 151 pts
-Phil Read 135
-Guy Davis 127
-Debbie Edin 123
-Kevin Schuster 123
-Ryan Drasher 113
-Gail Pentheny 101

We had a good crew of swimmers experiencing their first Masters meet as well as a bunch of folks returning after a long layoff.
  • First Masters meet ever with GBM: Todd Whitford, Fred Schmuhl, Colleen Kenny, Kevin Schuster, David Kayarian
  • First championships meet with GBM: Martin Choquette, Christina Cook, Trevor Farrell, Sarah Parker, Lora Selle, Robyn Shiely
  • Special returner award to Byron Siegal for returning to Masters competition after 7 years!
Congrats to all who competed! If you missed this meet, be sure to start planning for Harvard where we're looking forward to another great showing in the Spring!

We have a special feature in this year's meet report. Kevin Schuster returned to competition for the first time in many years. His open and honest account of his experience is below, copied from his blog (thank you, Kevin!). Though Masters swimming is about more than just the return to competition, his story is compelling and well worth the read for first timers, fitness swimmers and competitors alike.

New England LMSC Short Course Meter Championships
By Kevin Schuster

It has been over four years since I last swam in a competitive swim meet. That was my college conference championships. Walking away from that meet, I simply had nothing left to give to swimming.

Or so I thought. Eventually I found my way to triathlon which obviously includes a swimming segment. However, I still didn't qualify this as swimming. While swimming 1 to 2.5 miles is certainly challenging in its own right, the nerves of knowing you cannot afford mistake in a race that is less than 25 seconds, going into oxygen debt in every race, swimming 10 times a week and doing 60,000 yards a week begins to break you down. By comparison, swimming 3 times a week is nothing. So when my girlfriend who is a US Masters swim coach, asked me to swim in a meet I was hesitant.

After some deliberation, I decided to give it a shot. I figured I would combine my triathlon pension for long distances in addition to my usual sprint events that were my forte all through my swimming career. In addition, I would swim on the relays and all events were spread out over 3 days.

The first race was the 800. I went into the meet with high expectations of being close to where I was during my swimming days so when I went a 9:53, I was slightly disappointed. However, I did not swim it well and I went out too fast in the first 400 split. This ended up costing me for the rest of the race. The 400m free the following day was the same song and dance. This was getting frustrating.

As I was waiting for my next event, I was talking to some of my team mates on Great Bay Masters and they told me that I need to forget about what I USED to swim and just enjoy the race. This is when things seemed to turn a corner. I started swimming like I did during my days when I swam for my club team (some of my best days in swimming). No, I was not swimming as fast as I used to but I was happy. Happy that with every stroke I felt powerful, that I felt like the water was my domain once again. The closest I can compare it to is that part in Chariots of Fire when Eric said when he runs fast he can feel God's joy.

Next up was the 50 butterfly. The butterfly is my favorite stroke. I think I was destined to become a butterfly ever since I watched the 100 butterfly in the 1996. The race went great and I ended up earning second in my age group. I was really starting to feel like my old self. My other events also went well and I was happy to see I was only marginally slower than I was in one of my marquis events, the 50 free. Another highlight was winning the 100m butterfly. This is the individual event that I get most excited about. Even if I'm not swimming it, it's my favorite to watch and when they show it during the Olympics, the world stops for me. So winning this event was really special to me.

So my individual events went well but I think the best races were from the relays. This is when you truly get to experience a team during swimming. It's you and 3 of your team mates and the crowd always gets into it and they are without a doubt the thing I missed most about swimming.

Overall, my first meet back was a lot of fun. I really enjoy swimming with a Masters team and I highly recommend it to anyone. The best part of Masters is, it is whatever you want it to be: Want to swim fast and shoot for records? Want to get fit (and get a jump on those New Year's resolutions)? Do you want to improve your swimming for triathlons? Looking for a group to work out with? US Masters swimming can be any of these things. Register here!

Link to blog here

  GBM   RECORDS SET AT MEET: 131215-NELMSC-SCM-Champ; Course = SCM

     EVENT         NAME                   TIME     AGE     GROUP
     200 IM        Colleen Kenny        2:57.11     24     18-24
     200 Free      Kirsten Read         2:28.95     48     45-49
     800 Free      Kirsten Read        10:37.93     48     45-49
     50 Fly        Kirsten Read           35.83     48     45-49
     800 Free      Ellen Garvey        18:13.81     57     55-59
     200 Breast    Ellen Garvey         4:05.92     57     55-59
     100 Breast    Trevor Farrell       1:35.63     30     30-34
     200 Free      Jerry Bailey         2:07.22     44     40-44
     400 Free      Travis Harker        4:38.48     40     40-44
     100 IM        Jerry Bailey         1:04.10     44     40-44
     100 Back      Guy Davis            1:09.60     54     50-54
     200 Breast    Byron Siegal         4:19.17     66     65-69
     50 Fly        John Lewis             44.12     67     65-69
     100 Free      Phil Read            1:32.79     71     70-74
     200 Free      Phil Read            3:36.68     71     70-74
     800 Free      Phil Read           16:33.81     71     70-74
     50 Breast     Phil Read              57.63     71     70-74
     50 Fly        Phil Read              54.50     71     70-74
     200 IM        Phil Read            4:23.12     71     70-74
     800 Free      Richard Arnold      19:56.21     81     80-84
     100 Free      Richard Arnold       2:16.38     81     80-84**
** Relay Lead Swim

Number of records set at this meet: 20 

Women      200 Free      200-239      2:42.13      2013
Ellen Garvey, 57    Deborah Edin, 51
Christina Cook, 53    Gail Pentheny, 51

Women      400 Medley      200-239      6:53.32      2013
Ellen Garvey, 57    Deborah Edin, 51
Gail Pentheny, 51    Christina Cook, 53

Men      400 Medley      280-319      8:21.41      2013
Byron Siegal, 66    John Lewis, 67
Phil Read, 71    Richard Arnold, 81

Mixed      400 Medley      100-119      6:05.52      2013
Bart Westgeest, 34    Trevor Farrell, 30
Jacqueline Redmond, 26    Jane Farrell, 28

Number of relay records set at this meet: 4 

Complete meet results available here

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