Great Bay Masters 2013 Jenny Thompson Pool Meet

2013 GBM Hosts Meet at Jenny Thompson Pool July 29, 2013

As Summer wraps up and we transition to plans for Fall, it seems an appropriate moment to pause. We saw some exciting trends this summer that we'd like to recognize & encourage as we move into the SCM season. The BU meet will be upon us before we know it.

2013 marks the 10th Anniversary of Great Bay Masters hosting this meet!

This is a huge accomplishment! One way we can show our gratitude to our club's outstanding coaching and management over the years is to help make this year's BU meet the most successful meet in its history. And if you read the meet report below, you'll begin to see ways you can help make this happen.

Jenny Thompson Meet 2013

Great Bay Masters once again proved their mettle at the Jenny Thompson meet in July. Though the weather was cool & drizzly, our spirits were not dampened. We had a great overall turnout this year (albeit a bit light on GBMer's). Club records were set and the classic Master's demon - Fear of Returning to Competition - was vanquished once again. Adding to the warm spirit of this year's meet was a large contingent of family members. Some served as volunteers, some swam - for some it was their first meet ever!

A huge thank you goes out to all the family members & volunteers. It was not an easy day to hang out at the pool. Your efforts & support are greatly appreciated! Our wonderful volunteers included: Susan Barbary, Pat Campbell, Sally's Husband, Kevin, Dawn's Dad, Frank's daughter, both Busby kids, Mike McAfee & more. Nicole Ciancarelli & Jenny Priester expertly ran the computers, keeping up with Bob Fredette and his crew of officials.

Meet highlights included:
  • Jane's husband Trevor - first meet EVER!

  • Sally G. took the plunge at her very first Master's meet! Congrats Sally!

  • Dawn B. was back after a short hiatus from competitive swimming (with her Dad on hand timing) - and some fast swimming it was!

  • JoAnne F. was back after a multiyear break from competition. Nice to see you back, JoAnne!

  • Buzz continued his return to competition & brought his kids along for timing duty.

  • We had sibling rivalry with Christophe & Lisa C.

  • A very special Couples Relay team competed. No records on the books for them, though. Were they too busy smooching?

  • There were TWO ladies medley relays!

  • The largest table ever assembled at La Festa after the meet for pizza and beverages. (unofficial record, of course!)

And now for the stats...
RECORDS SET AT MEET: 130728-Jenny-Thompson; Course = LCM
     EVENT         NAME                   TIME     AGE     GROUP
     50 Breast     Dawn Brown             41.71     23     18-24
     200 Free      Sally Gallagher      2:53.35     52     50-54
     400 Free      Sally Gallagher      6:09.38     52     50-54
     200 Back      Ann Richard          3:53.67     54     50-54
     50 Free       Bart Westgeest         29.05     34     30-34
     50 Fly        Bart Westgeest         33.56     34     30-34
     200 IM        Bart Westgeest       2:51.19     34     30-34
     100 Free      C Cloitre            1:11.98     38     35-39
     200 IM        M Busby              3:07.36     53     50-54
     200 IM        Steve Miller         3:12.99     59     55-59
     50 Back       Phil Read              56.50     71     70-74
     200 Back      Phil Read            4:58.39     71     70-74
     100 Back      Richard Arnold       2:37.71     81     80-84

Women      400 Medley      100-119      6:04.37      2013
Jane Farrell, 28    Dawn Brown, 23
Crystie McGrail, 29    Jacqueline Redmond, 26

Women      400 Medley      160-199      6:41.43      2013
Joann Fryer, 44    Helaine Wemple, 44
Sally Gallagher, 52    Gail Pentheny, 51

Men      400 Medley      160-199      6:05.02      2013
Christophe Cloitre, 38    Steve Miller, 59
Bart Westgeest, 34    Frank Snyder, 57

Men      400 Free      200-239      5:08.48      2013
M Busby, 53    Christophe Cloitre, 38
Steve Miller, 59    Frank Snyder, 57

Complete meet results available here

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