2017 SCY Champs Meet Recap

We started out the meet with a bang by our heavy distance hitters and some brand newbies that could also hang in there with these torturawsomeness events. Jana and Sally were our only two brave lady milers! While Fred was our first time miler and the K's were on fire with both Kevin and Kirk taking home 3rd place finishes in the mile. Last and fast in the mile is the mighty Steve Miller who maintained his title while dominating his age group by over 30 seconds.

The follow up to those stellar swims were our Thousand swimmers who included TWO first timers, Alicia who has never raced anything over a 100 tackled the swim with gusto and DJ who managed to swim into 3rd place in his age group in his first distance foray. Christophe even managed to go the same exact time as he went last year... to the second... he must have engineered that. Coach Crystie supported the team and got wet to score some points while Phil Read swam away with a 3rd place finish. Our last shout out for the 1000 swimmers goes to Ed Gendreau who came back to this meet with a vengeance and won his age group by OVER a FULL MINUTE. Phew.

If you aren't tired after reading all that awesomeness you will be once we make it through the rest of the meet in the three shorter event days that followed.

On Friday Coach Todd joined the ranks of the 500 swimmers and learned that long sprints are more fun! Kyle, Fred and Steve rounded out the rest of the men's 500 swimmers all placing top 4 in their age groups. GBM boasted just TWO 200 Flyers who we bow down to - Rachel and Kyle. You can learn from either of them about ideal pacing splits for this fly event! We finished out Fridays individual events with the 100 breaststroke where Aagje Caron set a New England LMSC record and John Lewis bested his age group.

Though we only had a few - Friday's relays scored us almost 100 team points!

Saturday brought the womens 500 Free and some very impressive swims by Aagje, Sally, Lindsay, Ann and Pat! We also had an impressive showing in the 100 Fly with Katie, Lindsay, Lauren, Rachel, Betsy and Aagje for the women and Kevin, Ryan, Kyle, Travis, Brett, Fred for the men! Kirk and Todd went 1-2 in the 50 breaststroke, while Ed cranked out a 1st place. John Lewis got his sprint wheels back on to take 3rd place on the 50 breaststroke too! Dick Arnold, team photog and legend also swam his way to a 2nd place finish in this event!

Saturday brought THE BEST EVENT EVER... aka the 100 IM. Krissy Trutor smashed into the results with a speedy 1:04.1, leaving the rest of us in awe of her prowess. For the men Travis, Todd and Kirk went 3-4-5 in their age group, Ed took 2nd and John Lewis took 3rd. For the other 21 GBM'ers who swam this event we should try to emulate these folks for some insight on how to race THE BEST EVENT EVER.

That brings us to the next event - the 200 backstroke - not for the faint of heart! Krissy dominated her age group and Betsy dropped 6 seconds off her time to swing into 3rd place! Add another impressive swim by Ryan Drasher as he raced to a 2:05 time in the 200 back!

We finished individual events Saturday with the 50 free, which almost everyone swam. And they did awesome. But it's a tough event and always a good reminder that turns matter.

The 400 Medley relays ended the day Saturday and scored us another 150 points for the club. Congrats to Katie who swam her first ever backstroke race as the lead off for our womens 25+ relay and got us started on our 3rd place finish. Other shoutouts in the relay go to Betsy for swimming the fly, Drasher going 57 in his back, Kirk going 50 in his free, and Travis dropping a 59 in the fly, while Brett Games taking one for the team with the fly leg despite feeling a little under the water!

Sunday brought in just a few for the Next Best Event Ever, the 400 IM, including new to GBM Becca, Aagje and Steve Miller. We also had a return to the races with Buzz!! Now if we can only get Caesar to a meet too! The 50 fly had an impressive showing from GBM including Ellen Garvey snagging a 2nd place finish! I think she found a new event.

We had an impressive 18+ ladies 400 Freelay of Becca, Gail, Ellen and Sally - these ladies were a good sport racing to a 3rd place finish!

The 200 breaststroke brought some impressive swims out of GBM including Aagje crushing a NE-LMSC record by OVER 20 seconds that was over 20 years old from 1993! Ed also bested his own NE-LMSC record from 2013 by 3 seconds.

We finished the meet with the 200 medley relay and just a few swimmers, but wanted to note that Gail Pentheny participated in every relay that she could even though she has spent more time on airplanes than in the pool in the past few months. What great team spirit!

ALL 16 of our Lady GBM'ers scored points in individual events and combined to a total of 779 points! The mens team of 22 scored an impressive 1,308 points, only 1 point behind 4th place!

As an overall team GBM secured 6th place with a total of 2,165 points.

Racing is a fun past-time that if you haven't tried it with us we wish you would! The opportunity to watch some fast swimming in ALL age groups and meet and chat with teammates that you may not have otherwise had a chance to connect with are a huge part of these community events.

Annnd... I'm throwing this last bit in to spur on a bit of competition by leveraging a challenge to Coach Todd- next championship meet I challenge you to score more points than I do! ---Crystie

100+ Point Club
Ed Gendreau - 201 points!! (Age Group High Point!)
Crystie 143
Todd Whitford 135
Aagje Caron 102 (Age Group High Point!)
Honorable mention - Phil Read with 95 points!

Please see below for the GBM club records set at the 25-Yard Championship:


     EVENT         NAME                   TIME     AGE     GROUP
     200 Back      Kristine Trutor      2:17.25     28     25-29
     50 Free       Crystie McGrail        27.73     32     30-34
     500 Free      Lindsay Gray         5:53.26     31     30-34
     1000 Free     Crystie McGrail     13:13.29     32     30-34
     50 Back       Crystie McGrail        30.11     32     30-34
     100 Fly       Lindsay Gray         1:09.19     31     30-34
     100 IM        Crystie McGrail      1:07.48     32     30-34
     400 IM        Crystie McGrail      5:19.55     32     30-34
     50 Free       Sally Gallagher        32.26     55     55-59
     200 Free      Sally Gallagher      2:36.65     55     55-59
     500 Free      Sally Gallagher      6:51.55     55     55-59
     1650 Free     Sally Gallagher     24:02.44     55     55-59
     200 Breast    Sally Gallagher      3:26.92     55     55-59
     50 Fly        Sally Gallagher        38.04     55     55-59
     100 IM        Sally Gallagher      1:25.55     55     55-59
     200 Free      Aagje Caron          3:16.04     75     75-79
     500 Free      Aagje Caron          8:37.09     75     75-79
     100 Breast    Aagje Caron          1:59.71     75     75-79**
     200 Breast    Aagje Caron          4:15.52     75     75-79**
     100 Fly       Aagje Caron          2:03.43     75     75-79
     400 IM        Aagje Caron          8:04.43     75     75-79**
     200 Fly       Kyle Burnell         2:14.01     31     30-34
     50 Free       Kirk Larsen            22.77     40     40-44
     200 Back      Travis Harker        2:07.76     43     40-44
     50 Breast     Kirk Larsen            29.39     40     40-44
     200 Back      Edmund Gendreau      2:13.72     54     50-54
     100 Breast    Edmund Gendreau      1:07.56     54     50-54
     200 Breast    Edmund Gendreau      2:23.82     54     50-54**
     50 Free       John Lewis             32.74     70     70-74
     100 Free      John Lewis           1:15.02     70     70-74
     1000 Free     Philip Read         18:36.11     74     70-74
     200 Back      Philip Read          3:50.04     74     70-74
     50 Breast     John Lewis             36.80     70     70-74
     100 Breast    John Lewis           1:30.63     70     70-74
     100 IM        John Lewis           1:27.39     70     70-74
     100 Back      Sally Gallagher      1:35.23     55     55-59*

* Relay Lead Swim
** NELMSC Record
Number of records set at this meet: 36


Women      400 Medley      25-34      4:49.71      2017
Katie Rolfs, 27    Kristine Trutor, 28
Rachel Neild, 36    Crystie McGrail, 32

Women      400 Medley      45-54      6:09.65      2017
Sally Gallagher, 55    Ann Richard, 58
Betsy Sandberg, 48    Gail Pentheny, 54

Men      200 Free      55-64      2:13.84      2017
Steve Miller, 62    Philip Read, 74
John Lewis, 70    Johan Kerkhove, 64

Number of records set at this meet: 3 


     RECORDS SET AT MEET: 170225-Westbrook; Course = SCY

     EVENT         NAME                   TIME     AGE     GROUP
     200 Breast    Crystie McGrail      2:55.78     32     30-34

Number of records set at this meet: 1

     RECORDS SET AT MEET: 170205-Exeter; Course = SCY

     EVENT         NAME                   TIME     AGE     GROUP
     500 Free      Patty Rupp Hodge     6:33.83     51     50-54
     100 Back      Patty Rupp Hodge     1:18.08     51     50-54
     100 Breast    Patty Rupp Hodge     1:26.60     51     50-54
     200 IM        Patty Rupp Hodge     2:48.20     51     50-54
     50 Back       Johan Kerkhove         35.97     64     60-64
     100 Back      Johan Kerkhove       1:20.28     64     60-64
     50 Fly        John Lewis             43.54     70     70-74

Number of records set at this meet: 7

      RECORDS SET AT MEET: 170205-Exeter; Course = SCY

Mixed      200 Medley      45-54      2:33.64      2017
Johan Kerkhove, 64    Jana Steruska, 51
Patty Rupp Hodge, 51    Steve Miller, 62

Number of records set at this meet: 1 

Complete meet results available here

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