5/3/09; Jenny Butterfly clinic


Drill progression:

1) Press & Release with your hands at your side

Method -- Hands at your side, eyes looking at the bottom of the pool, work on your body falling the motion of Butterfly. Try to keep your head at the surface of the water and in a neutral position. Press your chest to the end of the pool and then roll back to the starting position. Roll your shoulders and press your hips. DO NOT KICK!

2) Press & Release with your hands up

Method -- Same as Press and Release but this time keep your hands up relaxed on the surface of the water.

3) Press to the Y

Method -- Similar to #2 but this time, when you press forward, slide your hands to a Y, then as you release, slide your hands back to a relaxed position. Breath when your hands slide back to the relaxed position. For the first few times, work on just sliding, no sculling. As you get better at this drill, you can then begin sculling. Really focus on when sliding to the Y, reaching for the wall.

4) 2 Presses to the Y and then an underwater pull, slide back to the top

Method -- Add on to #3 with the underwater pull of butterfly. The ultimate goal of this drill is to keep the "inch-worm" motion while starting the actual butterfly stroke.

5) 2 Presses to the Y and then a full butterfly stroke

Method -- Add the final step by bringing your hands out of the water and putting it together. As in #4, the goal is to be able to keep the motion while swimming butterfly. Begin using your body instead of just your arms and legs. Press your chest forward as your hands are entering the water and reach for the wall. Press your hips down as you are pulling your hands through to help keep the momentum up to drive your hands out of the water.

All of these drills can be substituted with breaststroke too!

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