1/4/09; Jenny – Freestyle clinic

Theme: keep torso in-line, do not let hips break to side or up and down; torso is like a telephone pole, it rotates along the long axis but cannot break sideways or up / down.

- kick prone position, head down body flat
- kick prone position, head down, body flat, rotate shoulders while kicking. Head should stay still, eyes always pointing to bottom of pool. When you need to breathe rotate head to side then back to ‘neutral position’, water hitting the center of scalp, eyes to pool bottom.
- side kick, head down: one arm forward, one arm by side, head in neutral position, body on side. When you need to breathe, rotate head to side then return to neutral position
- alternate side kicking (switch drill): kick six beats with right arm forward and left by side; switch position to left arm forward, right arm by side for six kicks, etc.
- catch-up: full catch-up stroke, breathing pattern is either every single arm pull, or every third arm pull. Work on roll, and keeping head in correct position.

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