2004 Mashpee 1 and 3.1 Mile Open Water Swim participants

Front row: Carol Prescott, Kerin Duff, Brandy Brown

Back row: Nancy Tunstall, Ann Stotler



A few faithful Great Bay Masters headed down to the Cape again this year to swim in the 15th annual Mashpee Super Swim on Johns Pond.  The participation from our group was drastically down this year due to the postponement of the race from Saturday to Sunday on account of the poor weather forecast.  Three of the swimmers kept the plans to depart on Friday night and were able to relax and enjoy some sightseeing on the Cape on Saturday. On the morning of the race the air was a little cool but the water was fine!  The water remained calm through about half of the race for the 3-milers, but then wind picked up and gave us just a little wake to maneuver.  Every year we have a lot of fun at this event and this year was no exception despite our smaller crowd.  All of our swimmers placed either 1st or 2nd in their age group and received a medal, congratulations!  We hope you join us in 2005!