Great Bay Masters swim to second place at Brown University meet

By Foster's Daily Democrat

DOVER — Thirty-nine Great Bay Masters participated in the New England Masters 25-yard Championship held at Brown University in Providence, R.I., earlier this month.

The meet featured a competition between 80 different workout groups. Predictions had suggested a close contest between Great Bay Masters (GBM), East Providence Masters (EPM), and the Cambridge Masters (CM). East Providence enjoyed the "home pool" advantage, and it showed on Friday night. EPM jumped to a 100-point lead over GBM due largely to the greater number of swimmers they were able to field that evening. The Cambridge Masters quickly fell into third place and remained there for the rest of the meet. A close contest ensued between EPM and GBM. During the Saturday session GBM closed the gap to less than 50 points. On the final day EPM extended its lead slightly finishing with 2,075 points, followed by GBM (1,997), CM (1,880), Longfellow (1,175) and Andover Y (584).

It was an exciting meet with a number of notable swims. Fred Schlicher of Cambridge Masters set three National records in the 50-54 age group: 400 IM (4:34.62), 200 Free (1:48.53) and 200 Fly (2:02.56). There were also 23 New England records set including Great Bay Masters’ Tom Mack who set the 40-44 age group record in the 1,000 free (10:40.92).

Great Bay Masters is a masters swimming program with workouts in Dover and Portsmouth. Masters swimming is open to adults age 19 and over. There are presently about 80 swimmers active in Great Bay Masters and the program is open to new swimmers. If you are an adult interested in swimming with GBM please call the Dover Pool (743-6056), Portsmouth Pool (427-1545), or visit our web page at:

The following Great Bay Masters competed at Brown:

Alice Seidel, Amanda Telford, Ann Fredette, Barbara Boley, Brad Watterworth, Buck Robinson, Byron Siegal, Carol Prescott, Charles Dufour, Connie Hallett, David Bright, Deborah Edin, Diane Hughes, Edmund Gendreau, Genevieve Keimowitz, Jae Kane, Jeffrey Cooper, Jennifer Rein, Jodi Cassidy, Ken Walsh, Kendra Garrow, Kristen O’Connor, Kym Berman, Laura Cooper, Marc Scheele, Mark Parquette, Meg Maloney, Michael McAfee, Mike Bailey, Mike Rydeen, Nicole Ciancarelli, Patrick Stevens, Polly Davie, Sally Fellows, Sandy Woodcock, Terri Moyer, Thomas Mack, Warren Wise, and William Peirce

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