The Saturday group at Harvard:  Front row – Laura Cooper, Jana Slezak, Cindy Curtis, Warren Wise, Brian McSweeney, Ann Fredette, George Brady, Jennifer Machado, Zoe Hall, Paul Griffin, Pete Hay, Nick Paquette, Carol Prescott; 2nd Row – Debbie Edin, Kerin Elisens, Gail Pentheny, Kim Wesson, Ed Gendreau, Hannah Smalltree, Kendra Garrow, Dave Bright, Sara McLaughlin, Jamie Brandt, Louise Valois, Terri Moyer; 3rd Row – Nancy Virnelli, Sheila Buccini, Cathy O’Rourke, Mike McAfee, Sandy Woodcock, Patrick Stevens, Manya Hult, Mike Anderson, Kym Berman, Marc Scheele, Greig Cronauer; Back Row – Dave Bucciero, Lee Calderone, Susan Barbary, Ann Richard, Tom Mack, Tara McGarr



The Great Bay Masters won the New England 25-Yard Championship at Harvard’s Blodgett Pool, April 27-29, 2001.  This was a fantastic accomplishment for our group, and our first ever victory at the tightly contested 25-yard championship.  Our victory was due largely to the breadth and depth of our participation.  Great Bay had a more even distribution of women and men, and a more even distribution across all the age groups than any of its rivals.  Second place Cambridge Masters set six UMS National Relay Records, and are presently the fastest masters swimming club in New England.  Great Bay Masters set no national records, but won the group points contest with tremendous participation, enthusiasm, and effort.  Congratulations to our entire group!  



Top three point scoring Workout Groups:

1) Great Bay    3,290.50

2) Cambridge    3,035

3) Minuteman    2,658.50



Top Ten Great Bay Point Scorers:  Women


Fredette, Ann         89

Barbary, Susan        86

Prescott, Carol       84

Barry, Shereen        56.5

Hult, Manya           56

Pentheny, Gail        55

Hallett, Constance    55

Virnelli, Nancy       47

Wesson, Kim           46

McGarr, Tara          45



Top Ten Great Bay Point Scorers:  Men


Gendreau, Edmund      92

Bright, David         65

Griffin, Paul         57

Dufour, Charles       51

Berman, Kym           51

Doleac, Charles       49

Mack, Tom             46

Siegal, Byron         41

Lucey, Brian          39

Scheele, Marc         35



Great Bay New England Relay Records



Women 45+ 800 Yard Freestyle Relay


1) Seidel, Alice 59 2) Barbary, Susan 51

3) Hult, Manya 55 4) Fredette, Ann 56


(old record:  none)


Women 35+ 800 Yard Freestyle Relay


1) Virnelli, Nancy 38 2) Valois, Louise 38

3) Moyer, Terri 39 4) Pentheny, Gail 38


(old record 11:06.17)


Mixed 35+ 800 Yard Freestyle Relay

8:21.57 22

1) Gendreau, Edmund 38 2) Barry, Shereen 38

3) Hallett, Constance 41 4) Mack, Tom 42


(old record:  8:40.54)


Mixed 35+ 400 Yard Freestyle Relay

3:48.91 22

1) Barry, Shereen 38 2) Mack, Tom 42

3) Gendreau, Edmund 38 4) Hallett, Constance 41


(old record:  4:04.77)