GBM made a solid fifth place showing in the Spring New England Masters Short Course Yards Championships.  This was a good accomplishment for a much smaller core contingent of 31 people as compared to the 79 people who attended last years meet. 


The Andover YMCA team made a great run at beating Cambridge Masters falling just 27 points short at 4,433 VS 4,306.  The difference equals just one well-placed relay!  Andover came this close while bringing only 42 people to the meet to Cambridge’s 70 people.


See the New England Masters web site for the full story of the meet.


Top Ten GBM Scorers




Carol Prescott          160

Ann Fredette            109

Gail Pentheny           100

Nancy Tunstall          100

Sandy Woodcock          75

JoAnn Fryer             72

Kendra Garrow           66

Manya Hult              58

Sarah Downey            55

Bandy Brown             53




David Bright            140

James Coffman           124

Charles Doleac          122

Alan Johnson            119

Byron Siegal            114

Jim Robertson           109

Patrick Stevens         93

John Hall               58

Phil Read               46

Jordan Kortmansky       20