Great Bay Masters at Mashpee 2001:

Front row:Gail Pentheny, Kerin Elisens, Kim Wesson, Carol Prescott, Lisa Pappas, Terri Moyer,

Louise Valois, Nick Paquette; Back row:Ed Gendreau, Jana Slezak, Debbie Edin, David Monsees

Mike McAfee, Nancy Virnelli, William Peirce; Missing from photo: Rich Orkin, Patti Seiders,

Jeannette Strickland, Sheila Buccini


For the fourth consecutive year a group of Great Bay Masters ventured to Johnís Pond in Mashpee to tackle the 1 mile and 3.1 mile swims.About half the group arrived early on Friday in an effort to beat the 4th of July holiday traffic, though it never seemed to materialize.We spent the afternoon at South Cape Beach, a beautiful ocean beach open to the public.Our most hearty souls had set up camp at the Otis Trailer Village, which is walking distance from the race start.In a break from tradition, we decided to eat at a local restaurant instead of cooking at the campsite.After that we headed off to a nearby amusement park and enjoyed miniature golf, go-karts, laser tag, and other games.


Race day presented us with a strong onshore wind, cool air, and a dark sky.Most of us were feeling cold just sitting on the beach, and few took a pre-race warm-up swim.Luckily the pond was the warmest itís been in recent years, and once the race got going we were comfortable.The racecourse is a half-mile triangle with a leg parallel to shore and legs to a buoy further from shore.The leg away from shore was quite a challenge.The strong winds kicked up a significant chop, and it was a lot of work to get out there.


This yearís race was quite well organized, and the course was accurately measured.There was an awards ceremony after the race to recognize the top three men and women overall at each distance with a trophy, and the top three men and women at each age group distance with a medal.The race management provided sandwiches and beverages.


After breaking down the campsites it was back to South Cape Beach for more frolicking in the ocean and lounging in the sun.Overall it was a lot of fun, hope you all will join us next year for this nice event!