Great Bay Masters at Mashpee 2002:

Front row: Kym Berman, Paul Griffin, Dave Monsees, Jen Machado, Gail Pentheny, Ann Richard, Theresa Hamer, Many Hult, Kerin Elisens; Back row: Nancy Virnelli, Ed Gendreau, Mike McAfee, Kendra Garrow, Lee Calderone; Missing from photo: Rich Orkin


Fifteen Great Bay Masters participated in the Mashpee 1 mile and 3.1 mile swims this year. The weather was warm and sunny with a gentle off shore breeze. The water temperature was perfect. The race was well organized. There was plenty of food and drink for everyone after the swim. The race course was a little short this year, Id estimate about 15%.


Those of us who arrived on Friday night went out to dinner and then to a nearby amusement park. There we played miniature golf, rode go-karts and bumper cars, and played a few games of laser tag. We had relatively fewer campers this year (where are all our rugged outdoors people?!?)


After the race on Saturday part of our group went to South Cape Beach. This is a beautiful public ocean beach. The water is warm, with a reasonable current parallel to shore. There is a lot of sea life on the ocean floor, and those who dove to the bottom found crabs and shell fish alive and well. Overall it was a lot of fun. This is a great summer event for our group, we hope to see more GBMs next year!