Front row (sitting): Jennifer Wishinski, Robin Martin, Rachel Kroe Middle row (kneeling): Marc Scheele, Alexander Reyna, Kendra Garrow, Queta Boese Back row (standing): Ben Schultz, Ed Gendreau, Jana Slezakova, Debbie Edin, Carol Prescott, Charlie Dufour, Gail Dufour

Great Bay Masters at 1998 John's Pond, Mashpee, Cape Cod Super Swim

Fourteen Great Bay Masters attended the 9th annual John's Pond Super Swim on Saturday June 17, 1998. Our adventure to Mashpee began on Friday as twelve of our group ventured to the Otis Trailer Village to camp at John's Pond the night before the race. Several of us arrived in mid-afternoon and were able to pitch the tents and put up a tarp just in time to shelter us from some heavy thunderstorms that rolled through for an hour or two. The rest of our campers arrived safely and we spent most of the evening snacking and then eating a big pasta dinner.

It was early to rest and early to rise, then a quick breakfast and we walked over to the race site. The weather cleared nicely for the race, but there was still a breeze. The water was the roughest I've experienced in the three years I've swum the race. They say the water temperature was only 72F but all were comfortable during the swim. There were two races: a one-mile and a 3.1-mile. Our one-mile competitors were Queta Boese, Gail Dufour, Debbie Edin, Rachel Kroe, Alexander Reyna, Ben Schultz, and Jennifer Wishinski. Our 3.1-mile competitors were Charlie Dufour, Kendra Garrow, Ed Gendreau, Robin Martin, Carol Prescott, Marc Scheele, and Jana Slezakova. Twelve of our swimmers won medals by placing top three in their age group.

After the race we had time to enjoy the warm sun and have a nice complementary lunch hosted by the race. After tearing down the camping equipment about 2/3 of our group headed home, but a few of us pressed on to an ocean beach. More inclement weather was headed our way though and shortly after we arrived at the ocean the skies opened up. But what's a little rain to a water loving group of people? We still enjoyed a nice swim in the ocean before heading home.

Thanks to everyone who prepared food for the occasion, to those who had extra camping equipment for those of us with none, and special thanks to Marc Scheele who did a lot of organizing, planning, and research to make our camping trip a success.

This is a well-run and fun race, mark you calendars for next summer!