Front row (sitting): Ed Gendreau, Rachel Kroe, Kristen O'Connor, Sandy Woodcock, Carol Prescott, Kendra Garrow Back row (standing): Sara Smolenack, Ben Schultz, David Monsees, Dave Bright, Warren Wise, Jana Slezak, Mike McAfee, Rich Orkin, Charlie Dufour, Jim Bouldoukian, Marc Scheele

Great Bay Masters at 1999 John's Pond, Mashpee, Cape Cod Super Swim

Seventeen Great Bay Masters attended the 10th annual John's Pond Super Swim on Saturday June 26, 1999. Continuing the tradition established last year, most of us arrived the night before and set up camp at the Otis Trailer Village next to John's Pond. We were greeted by good weather and found an added bonus: a relatively dry June contributed to a nearly bug-free environment. Our experienced campers prepared a pasta dinner, and we enjoyed a full meal including salads, breads, and Marc Scheele's "so-good-I've-got-to-have-at-least-two" cookies. Well fed, we settled for a sound night's sleep.

Saturday morning the sun and birds got us off to an early start. It was bagels and juice for breakfast for most of us, though a few hard-core washed the food down with Coke. We walked to the beach for race check-in and a warm-up swim. The water was crystal clear and clean, as always. The water temperature was very comfortable, in the mid-70's. It was perfect weather: sunny and hot. The 3.1 and 1 mile swims were set off in a timely manner. An on-shore breeze made one leg of the triangular course a bit more challenging than the others. The course was clearly shorter than in previous years, with most of us finding our times improved by about 25%.

After the race it was time to enjoy the sun and blue skies, a complementary lunch, and the awards ceremony. For the rest of the afternoon we headed to South Cape Beach . There several of us endeavored to make up for the short race course by swimming a considerable distance in the ocean. The water on the south side of the Cape was a lot warmer than we're used to in New Hampshire, and we enjoyed it immensely.

Thanks to everyone who prepared food for the occasion and to those who had extra camping equipment for those of us with none. Again, special thanks to Marc Scheele who did a lot of organizing, planning, and research to make our camping trip a success.