Left to right: Rich Orkin, Carol Prescott, Kendra Garrow, William Peirce, Manya Hult, Mike McAfee, Ed Gendreau, Patrick Stevens

Great Bay Masters at 1999 NEM Open Water Championship

The NEM Open Water 1 mile Swim was held on Sunday, September 12 at YMCA Camp Foss, Willey's Pond, in Barnstead, NH. It was a beautiful sunny day. The water was warm and clear. Our own Tom Mack (missing from photo) set up the half mile triangular course. A total of nine of the Great Bay Masters group swam the event, making up a significant percentage of the total number of participants there (about 35). We enjoyed a cookout and awards ceremony after the swim. Overall it was a great way to wrap up the summer season, and beat swimming indoors!