Great Bay Masters at the 2001 NEM 1-mile open water championship:  

          Front Row:  Rich Orkin, Manya Hult, Kendra Garrow, Kim Wesson, Kerin Elisens, Sheila Buccini, Gail Pentheny,

           Connie Hallett;  Back Row:  Mike McAfee, Tom Mack, Dave Bright, Ed Gendreau, William Peirce, Nancy Virnelli


Thirteen Great Bay Masters swam the NEM 1-mile open water championship, Sunday September 9, at Willey’s Pond in Barnstead NH.  It was a glorious, sunny day with no wind.  The water was amazingly clear, and a little cool, probably in the low 70’s.  That made it a small challenge to get wet, but it felt great while swimming due to the warm sun.  Tom Mack did an excellent job setting the course, as he has for many years. 


The swim went smoothly.  After catching our breath and enjoying the sun for a while, we gathered for group photos, then headed to the picnic area for food and the awards ceremony.   Due to a medal shortage, a few of the age group winners had to use their imaginations a little bit as they were presented with “bronze colored gold medals”.   This event is a lot of fun. Willey’s Pond is a beautiful area, there are bathrooms on site, there is a sandy beach and the clearest water I’ve seen in any open water swim.   This event is worth the trip!  Thanks to David Grilli for organizing and hosting the event. 


About 30 swimmers participated in the swim.  Below is a photo of most of the swimmers who participated: